• An Outfit for Every Occasion

    While dressing up is so much fun and is the respite from the monotony, for others, it actually is a daunting task. Everyone loves to look beautiful while feeling comfortable and confident in their skin, some just don’t like to put in the efforts that go into deciding what to wear on different occasions. Fret not, we are here to help you decide what you can wear at a given event. This way, you’ll look pretty without having to go through the hassle of choosing what to wear!

  • Virtual Date

    Remember the lockdown is in your town and not your heart! You should still get to date and spend time with someone you like. This is where virtual dates come into the picture. While they might not sound like the real deal but if planned properly and you put effort into making it fun then there’s nothing like it! Put on a cutesy and comfortable outfit like this set of avocado print top and contrasting high-waisted pants and you are good to go. Your partner will know that this date matters to you, while you’ll still be comfortable in an adorable outfit!

  • Candlelight Dinner

    Planning a romantic candlelight dinner with your beau and can’t decide what to wear? Well, this is the struggle almost every girl goes through. But not anymore!

    Just take a look at this gorgeous velvet slit dress in a pastel shade straight out of heaven. Every detail is just perfect about this dress. It’s a subtle combination of classy, elegant, and sexy. When you step in front of your partner wearing this with a pair of high heels, you are sure to leave them awestruck!

  • Brunch with girlfriends

    If you are a Sex and the City Fan, you’ll know that brunch with your girlfriends is free therapy with a glass of your favorite cocktail! There is no time more memorable than the time spent with your girlfriends.

    Another thing we all learned from the three best friends in the show is that dressing up can bring immense joy and actually holds the potential to turn any day around! This is why we have chosen this ruched floral dress for you to adorn while you brunch on some waffles and wine with your girlfriends!

  • Picnic with family

    Remember the blast you had at family picnics? It used to be so much fun and relaxing! Well, if it’s been long since you last went out on a picnic then we urge you to plan one! And the good news is we have already chosen the perfect dress for you! It’s pastel blue and with ruffles, well what more could you ask for! Slay your summer picnic in this stunning dress and make sure to click a lot of pictures!

  • Corporate event or meeting

    We are here to break the myth that corporate wear or office wear is always boring with this offbeat and amazing pleated bodice jumpsuit. It’s the appropriate amount of sexy and gives powerful vibes. You can ace any meeting or in fact any office event in this outfit!

  • Beach Wedding

    Who doesn’t love beach weddings?! Everything about them is so dreamy and fascinating just like this flared maxi dress in the romantic pastel shade of pink. Walk-in wearing this to a beach wedding and we are sure that you are going to make heads turn and compliments are sure to be showered on you!

  • Cocktail party

    Looking for an outfit for an upcoming cocktail party? Well, you have arrived at your destination, sister! Look no further because this sexy, seductive, hot yet classy dress is all the sparkle you need to dazzle into the night. So chic, lustrous, yet comfortable, it’s perfect for a night-time special event like a cocktail party!

We might have missed out on some of the occasions but you know what? We have faith in you and our collection so we are sure that you’ll find something for every occasion at Moonstruck, a brand that is created for the women of today. Our collection is unique, contemporary while being utterly comfortable. We created this brand to make fashion more accessible which is why you’ll always find luxurious outfits at affordable prices. Now all you got to do is add these items to your cart and wait for awesomeness to arrive at your doorstep!