Take a Rain Check from Humidity with these Outfits

Take a Rain Check from Humidity with these Outfits

Take a Rain Check from Humidity with these Outfits

What’s more annoying than someone giving you the spoilers for the movie you have been eager to watch? Humidity!

There is no one who’d say that they are a big fan of it. Dressing up, going out, in fact, performing even the smallest of the tasks is quite a hassle in the hot and humid weather. Even though it’s something no one can escape, we can still figure out ways to deal with it and enjoy the rainy season. Choosing the clothes for monsoon season can turn out to be a tedious task but not anymore! We have curated a guide for you that will help you breeze through the rainy season.


    We all have been through the incidents where we showed up for an important event or a meeting with sweat patches on our clothes! With humidity comes sweat and its marks which appeal to no one. It is in fact a big turn-off. To avoid such a fiasco, choose your clothes smartly.

    Fabrics that are breathable and light as air are the best fit for a rainy season outfit. Something like linen or Giza cotton that is soothing on the skin and easily air-dries. At Moonstruck, you can find a tonne of options to choose from which doesn’t compromise your style quotient and also helps you beat the heat!

    This a-line dress in the refreshing shade of green is one of the best choices for monsoon season. Created using the Giza cotton fabric and beautified with the dainty details that give a vintage vibe makes it perfect to be worn on any occasion even during the rainy season.

  • Stick to clothes that don’t stick to your body

    We all love to flaunt our curves in skinny jeans, a bodycon dress, or a fitted leather skirt but these are a big no-no when you are choosing outfits for the rainy season. Shop for outfits that don’t stick to your body and there is some room for your skin to breathe. Anything, be it a dress, bottoms, or a shirt, the less fabric touching your skin, the better you’ll feel!

    This Giza cotton maxi dress right here is a perfect pick to deal with the hot and humid weather considering how amazingly it falls on the body lending the wearer the dose of cooling comfort needed this season. You can easily stay away from the sweat patches and get showered with compliments because of the beautiful print and dreamy details.

  • Chose Refreshing Shades and Prints

    As much as we all love black, it’s highly recommended to avoid black or any dark color outfits while stepping out in the scorching summer heat and humidity. Outfits that you choose for the rainy season should be light in shade, preferably pastel and white shades and if they are printed then there’s nothing like it because the prints will help in hiding the sweat patches!

For instance, this cute and quirky Avacado printed dress makes for a perfect outfit for the rainy season due to the soft Giza fabric that has a feather-like touch. Everything about this dress is pure perfection and trust us that you will thank us for making this a part of your wardrobe.

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