Melange: A Celebration of your Individuality

Melange: A Celebration of your Individuality

Melange: A Celebration of your Individuality

Clothes are an extension of our personalities, they are meant to make you feel happy and confident in your skin. No woman should fall under the trap of fashion fads, infact, you should curate their wardrobe with clothes that speak to you, makes you feel comfortable and most importantly, you are the one who is supposed to like what you are wearing. The opinion of others is secondary. We agree that receiving compliments surely boost up your confidence as it does for everyone, but if you are wearing something to satisfy the trends of the season and not actually feeling the outfit then ultimately it’ll show.

We all are different, we come with distinctive personality traits and every day in your life should be a celebration of your uniqueness. Don’t try to dress like others, that might make you look pretty but eventually, you’ll lose your individuality amidst the unknown. The joy of dressing up can only be experienced when you dress up for yourself in clothes that resonate with your personality.

Our recently launched collection, Melange is a celebration of your uniqueness. Our founder took inspiration from the distinctive personality of every woman out there and what came into being is Melange which literally translates to a blend of eccentric elements!

Every outfit in Melange Edit is meant to represent and cheer on your individuality. It’s an extension of your confidence. While adorning an outfit from this collection you’ll truly be able to experience the joy of dressing up! Explore our new collection and choose an outfit that expresses your uniqueness because when you walk into a room wearing something that feels like your second skin then eventually it’ll reflect in your stance and your poise!

  • Glam Goddess

    We at Moonstruck believe that every woman is a complete package in herself! You are a goddess and this maroon high-slit dress is a reflection of that. You never need to change yourself to slay any outfit. This dress celebrates your curves and never undermines them. Whatever size you are, you’ll look like the diva that you already are in this dress!

  • A Celebration of Romantic Hues

    To look and feel beautiful you need not always be in the most vibrant outfits. Sometimes, the simplicity of an outfit does the magic. For instance, this satin dress is the epitome of subtlety and class. It not only scores high on elegance but also on comfort because it falls on your body like butter! Adorn this dress for any occasion and feel confident in your skin. Also, don’t forget to smile because that is your biggest accessory!

  • A Play of Prints

    If there were to exist a perfect amalgamation of prints and a serene shade of Blue then this dress would be it! It’s calming and comfortable to adorn and whilst it makes you feel utterly at ease, it also exudes the passionate and powerful woman that you are with its minimalistic yet contemporary approach. Try on this dress and you are sure to fall in love with yourself a little more!

  • Power-Outfit Alert!

    If there were to exist an outfit that would be synonymous with the strength and passion who hold within yourself then this classic black jumpsuit would be it! Walk into a room wearing this jumpsuit and you are sure to catch the attention of everyone with your confident stance yet polite demeanor!

  • A Conversation Starter!

    If elegance and exuberance define you then this beige elasticated ruffle top is sure to win your heart! It is a symbol of your uniqueness and when you style this top, you’ll surely feel the confidence oozing! Style it according to your comfort for any occasion and we can guarantee that this top will be a conversation starter!

Explore our new collection, Melange, and find your perfect fit in an outfit that complements your uniqueness!