LoungeWears: The Essentials You Need For Your WFH Lifestyle

LoungeWears: The Essentials You Need For Your WFH Lifestyle

  • LoungeWears: The Essentials You Need For Your WFH Lifestyle

    Tons of stuff to do at home, but guess what can be a constant from 8 a.m to all night long? Yes! It Is the Loungewear. The ultra-cozy, cute and breathable Loungewears have been a hot favorite for girls this season. If you haven’t checked out your Instagram pages yet then don’t worry we are bringing you the best Lounging outfits that will become your absolute essentials for staying at home this summer.

  • Ace The Zoom Meetings Together

    Be it the zoom meeting or a vlog we would like to be professional...yes from the waist up, of course, The lemon yellow embroidered top and shorts will be perfect If you want to be comfortable during those long hours in front of the screen. The crepe material ensures a soft smooth texture so that you didn’t have to run for ironing, it's like they know they will be on cameras.

  • The Binge Watch Bestfiends

    Looking pretty in Lavendar is a trend that is going to last for few years. Comfort is the key, and the pajamas are always the solutions for thee. When you're sitting down to binge-watch your favorite Korean drama or TV show, it is imperative to be as comfy as possible. You didn’t watch the whole season of Friends in tight jeans, did you? Well if you did then this piping pajama set will be your beloved buddy for your next streaming sessions.

  • Workout Had Never Been This Easier

    Reasons to Have everything associated with Unicorn:

    It’s sooo pretty I wanna D*E!

    Alas if you do not share the same sentiment as Agnus (from despicable me) and us then the beautiful light multicolors and the unique cut-out pants will surely catch your eyes. Stretch and do exercises as the fabric is made from comfy cotton that is so soft it feels like you’re floating on clouds that are sparkling glitter.

  • Summers Never Looked This Cute

    No one likes to sleep sweaty and itchy at night in summers.

    During the summers we only have one desire: soft fabrics or nothing. This gathered elasticated short set by Moonstruck looks super luxe and evokes superb comfort in summers by being your perfect partner for the WFH wardrobe. Plus this piece is also versatile enough to be worn outdoors as well (as long as you're masked and keeping distance, of course)

  • We Can Also Bake A Cake Together

    Want that easy effortless "oh-just-threw-this-on" look? Then this Onion checkered smocking shorts set is for you. Highly recommend it if you want some leaving and fresh vibes away from all the screens. It is undeniably chic and minimally hued. Need. Now.

  • For The Lazzzzy Sunday Vibes

    Oh-so cozy. Considering the fact that you’re are all just going to laze around at your home, especially at weekends we will suggest something that is cool impossibly comfy, and perfectly roomy for you. This satin silk nightwear is made from Buttery-soft fabric and is so soft and smooth that you won't ever desire to take them off. Psst...they are also pretty notorious for selling out quickly!

    Fans of cozy this were the top Loungewears sets list for you!

And although the vaccines are rolling around and hopefully we will get to our normal routine soon the comfier versions of dressing aren’t going anywhere. The lines of staying cozy with comfortable clothing have been blurred and the Loungwears sets have a major role to play.

Moonstruck's slogan is also very simple like our loungewear - "comfy enough for your good night's sleep but cool enough to make you look that you didn't just roll out from your beds. No matter your preference of WFH Lifestyle, you will find the ideal loungewear for all your relaxing moments.