Keeping Cool with These Summer Fashion Trends

Keeping Cool with These Summer Fashion Trends

Keeping Cool with These Summer Fashion Trends

As much as we love winters for the cozy and comfy weather and a hot cup of cocoa, they are not exactly the favioutes of fashion lovers and trendsetters. Unlike winters, summers allow the space to experiment more, and the most glamorous outfit of yours need not be hidden by hefty coats and scarfs.

The summer of 2021 has been quite refreshing for western wear for women. Some trends have made an unexpected but welcome comeback while some were just a result of the need to be comfortable while working from home. Staying at home for months made women incline towards adding comfort to the outfits. Experimentation touched its peak during the lockdown. As it is said that boredom leads to the creation of something unexpectedly exciting so that’s exactly what happened in the fashion world.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the beloved trends of summer 2021 which are here to stay for all the right reasons and have also made their way in the studio of Moonstruck!

  • Satin Slip Dresses with a Side Slit

    If there is one fabric we would choose for the luxurious feel it lends, it has to be satin! It can amp up any look you are aiming for. This year, it also made its way into the dreamland of dresses. A simple yet sophisticated satin slip dress in divine shades and awe-inspiring details like the side slit and the ruched detailing has made its way into the hearts and wardrobe of many women. Not only it is a sexy and glamourous outfit but also utterly comfortable!

    Get your hands on a satin dress with vintage detailing and you are all set to attend any special occasion or a party while feeling comfortable and confident in your skin!

  • Colourblock Outfits

    If you want to add some quirkiness and playfulness to your wardrobe then a color-block outfit is all you need! When a few striking shades with individual charisma come together, the outcome is unexpectedly exciting. For instance, this high slit overlap dress with the color combination of beige and maroon looks extremely classy, and this crop shirt is the dose of sexy which can amp up any look of yours!

  • Athleisure

    As we mentioned, this year saw a drastic change in the fashion world priorities. Now comfort comes first. Women who love to dress up and designers who understand the need for comfort created a perfect amalgamation of leisure and athletic which resulted in athleisure.

    One of the most versatile categories of clothing to date. From a casual day out to a vacation to a brunch with your girlfriends or a movie date with your partner, you can rock an athleisure outfit anywhere, at any time of the day!

  • Corsets

    One trend which made its comeback not just in the wardrobe of women but also their hearts is definitely corsets. With different ways of styling it, you can create multiple looks out of just one corset. They make you look sexy and fit exactly in the right places complimenting your curves. Whether it’s a night out you are planning or just a family gathering, you can style a corset according to the occasion and look fabulous!

  • Lilac Outfits

    Do you remember a phase when every girl loved blush pink? It was a rage back then. In fact, we too love that calming shade but this year our hearts are stuck on this one shade that is lilac! It has not only found its way in western wear for women but you can see it everywhere!

    We won’t be wrong to say that by now everyone has at least one lilac outfit in their wardrobe, if not more!

These are a few of the many trends which have been loved by all of us this summer and accordingly, to make sure that you all stay up to date with the latest trends, we have also inculcated the same in our exquisitely crafted collections. Browse through our website and shop your heart out for every occasion at Moonstruck!