Co-ord Sets Are Here To Stay For All The Right Reasons!

Co-ord Sets Are Here To Stay For All The Right Reasons!

Being a woman, we are sure that you’d be quite familiar with the hassle and time which goes into deciding what to wear. Be it any occasion or just a regular day, figuring out what pieces to style with each other becomes more time-consuming than actually getting ready.

To save you from this everyday conundrum, Co-ords are back in trend and how! If you know, co-ords were a huge trend in the ’70s and were loved by women. Though at that time, the sets were quite typical with not much thought given to them. But at Moonstruck, we go beyond the quintessential, adding a touch of eccentricity and quirkiness to every design!

An urban staple for your wardrobe, the right choice of co-ord sets will give your wardrobe a touch of comfort, style, and sophistication. And this is not where the list of “why you should invest in co-ord sets” ends. How can we forget that these sets are a great value for money! Of course, you can wear these as it is, but the real deal lies in the fact that you can also style the top and bottom of a co-ord set separately and create a range of different outfits. So if you are someone who isn’t a big fan of repeating outfits, you can just create your own with no extra money spent! If that’s not a dream of every woman who wants to look good but also wants to sensibly spend her money, then we don’t know what is.

Now, that you know why you should invest in co-ords, then make sure you check our updated co-ords edit where you’ll find something that caters to your style and needs.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites from our collection!

  • The Neon Corset Paired with High Slit Skirt

    The Neon Corset Paired with High Slit Skirt

  • Chest cut-out mid runches top with high silt bell bottom

    The wine color and the details of this outfit are bound to grab the attention of everyone when you walk into a room. Wear this for a blind date or a professional meeting, you can slay this outfit anywhere, at any time of the day!

  • One Sleeve Sequin Crop Top with Straight Pants Co-ord Set

    One look at this co-ord set, and we think of a strong, powerful woman who can do it all while looking the glam goddess that she is! Style it separately or wear it as it is, but we assure you that people won’t be able to take their eyes off from you. From the one-shoulder design to the high-waisted baggy pants, this is one outfit that will flatter all body types making you look like a diva!

  • Deep V-Neck Crop Top with One Side Embroidered Pants Co-ord Set

    The uniqueness of this outfit is bound to steal hearts. Earthy beige hues get a touch of quirkiness with this embroidered design. And, how can we not mention the seducing and sexy deep-neck crop top which when worn will make the heads turn! This outfit is a perfect example of elegance and sensuality.

  • Hem tie pants with double belt blazer co-ord

    Dazzle your way into the conference room or a meeting with this burnt-orange pantsuit and blazer set that gives vintage feels with its dramatic sleeves and cinched waist with a buckled belt. Everything about this whole outfit screams power and professionalism!

  • Ruffle skirt with mermaid crop-top Co-ord Set

    A perfect amalgamation of evergreen floral print, sexy silhouette, and contemporary cuts, this outfit will add glam to any occasion! Be it a dinner date, a cocktail party, or your birthday party, if you walk into a room wearing this, the temperature of that room will be too hot to handle like yourself!

  • Micro Shorts With Mid-Sleeves & Hem Smocking top Co-ord set

    Comfort with style? Get this co-ord set from our collection and you will not regret it! The bright pink hues of the high-waisted shorts to the elegant and classic white crop top with some added drama of the ruffles; this outfit is a dream! Style it casually or glam it up, wear it on a vacation or a chill night with cousins; this co-ord set will flatter every woman catering to her style quotient.

  • Lilac Gingham layered gathered skirt set

    It’s no secret that lilac is having its own fashion moment right now! And why should you stay behind at this party! Wear this oh-so-pretty lilac co-ord set and feel oh-so-romantic in it! This outfit takes cute girl vibes to the next level! Imagine wearing this to the beach, or to a dinner party; this outfit can make anyone feel beautiful! Jump on the bandwagon and get your hand on this lilac beauty!

This is not where our chic, classy, contemporary, and vogue collection ends! Check out our complete collection on our website and make sure you subscribe to our blog so that we can keep you updated with some styling tips and tricks and let us tell you that we have a lot more interesting stories to tell!